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Meloni believes time for Italy’s first female president is close


The time for Italy to have its first female president is not far off, Premier Giorgia Meloni, said today. Meloni is Italy’s first female Prime Minister.

“There will be no more roles barred to women,” said Meloni during a ceremony in the Lower House’s Women’s Hall, dedicated to the first women to enter the Italian institutions. Her photo was added to the others on display.

“Today we remove a mirror and replace it with a picture. But there is another mirror that can be removed. That time is not as far away as it may seem,” said the premier. She was referring to the two mirrors occupying the spaces reserved for images respectively of Italy’s first female prime minister and president.

“8thMarch should not be a day of claiming what others should grant women, but rather a day of pride and awareness of what we can do, whether others like it or not,” Meloni continued.

“My commitment is to Italian women who face enormous difficulties every day in order to have their talents affirmed, their sacrifices recognised. Likewise, it is my daily commitment to find solutions so that the women of this nation can fully affirm themselves without having to give things up, because that is not right,” she concluded. 

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