Monday, December 05, 2022


Extreme weather in Italy destroys crops

Gales and torrential rain over the weekend sees Italy picking up the pieces

Extreme weather over the weekend wreaked havoc on crops. Venice was saved from flooding by the MOSE barriers. A quake, tsunami and eruption also occurred on Stromboli.

car-free Sundays in Rome. Man on bike by Colosseum

Traffic-free Sundays in Rome

As part of Rome’s car-free initiative, tomorrow (4th December) will see restrictions within the city. The aim is to reduce air pollution.

Off-shore rig for gas drilling

Meloni government to increase gas drilling

As indicated in PM Meloni’s keynote speech, Italy is set to increase gas drilling in the sea, and on-shore. There has been no word so far on tapping the south of Italy’s “paradise of renewable energy sources”.