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Self-declaration is not enough to be a woman says Meloni


In an interview, Italian PM Giorgia Meloni says self-declaration as a woman is not enough without the biology. Italy’s leading lesbian group agrees with her.

Italy’s leading lesbian group said today it agreed with Premier Giorgia Meloni that a man did not become a woman simply by self-declaration of their gender change.

“I agree with Meloni that giving a man the opportunity to declare himself a woman, beyond any surgical, pharmacological or administrative path, harms women,” said Arcilesbica president Cristina Gramolini.

“I agree with the fact that one cannot skip the sexed body. That is, one is not a woman by the mere self-declaration of a man. This would harm reality and women, for example in women’s sports or equal opportunity policies”, she said.

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Meloni tells Grazia magazine in an interview out tomorrow that “Today, the unilateral right to proclaim oneself a woman or a man is claimed beyond any path, surgical, pharmacological or even administrative. Masculine and feminine are rooted in bodies and it is an incontrovertible fact.

“Is this to the detriment of women? I believe so. Today, to be a woman, it is claimed that it is enough to proclaim oneself as such. Meanwhile work is being done to erase the body, the essence, the difference.” Italy’s first woman premier stressed “women are the first victims of gender ideology”. She also said that “many feminists think so too”.

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