Femicide victims' names to be projected onto PM's office

Names of femicide victims to be projected onto PM’s office


Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Thursday the names of 104 women murdered in Italy over the last year will be projected onto facade of Palazzo Chigi to highlight the need to stop femicide. The Rome palace is home to the premier’s office.

On 4th November, Italy’s first female Prime Minister said the names of the 104 women murdered over the last year would be projected onto the PM’s office. The move is intended to highlight the disturbing increase in femicide in Italy.

“As a woman, and as the first woman premier (of Italy), I cannot fail to feel committed to the fight against femicides,” she said.

“And, as a woman, mother and daughter, I cannot fail to give a thought to all those women who have lost their lives over the last year.”

Italy has suffered an alarming spate of murders in which women have been the victims. In most cases they were killed by their partners or their exes.

Senate unanimously agrees to commission into femicide

The Senate on Thursday unanimously approved the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into femicide and all forms of gender violence. The creation of the commission was approved with 139 votes in favour and none against.

It will be able to get down to work once its creation has also been approved by the Lower House.

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