Giorgia Meloni accuses officials of targeting Fdl

Meloni accuses government of allowing officials to target Fdl


With less than a week until the Italian general election, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Bothers of Italy (Fdl), accuses the government of allowing officials to target the right-wing group. Fdl was the only major party not to support PM Mario Draghi’s executive.

Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni on Monday accused the outgoing government of letting officials target the right-wing group, the only major party not to support the Prime Minister.

Polls and surveys released before a pre-vote blackout suggest the centre-right coalition will win by landslide. Meloni’s Fdl party is the most popular party in the coalition. As a result, she may become Italy’s first woman premier after the September 25 general election.

Giorgia Meloni Facebook post accusing government of allowing official to target Fdl

“In no advanced democracy is the only opposition to the government subject to systematic attacks by ministers, people in institutional roles and major media outlets,” Meloni said via Facebook.

“And, above all, in no western democracy does the government scientifically allow provocations that could easily lead to disorder during the election campaign and at opposition political rallies.

“These people talk about Europe but their model is the Ceausescu regime.

“We won’t allow ourselves to be intimidated by those who hate freedom and the sovereignty of the people”.

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