meloni smiling at lectern. Government talks still underway

Meloni talking with allies over government formation


Giorgia Meloni, the Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and likely future premier, said she is having a fresh round of talks on Wednesday with her allies on the composition of the new government.

Meloni is holding talks with political leaders Matteo Salvini of the League and Forza Italia (FI)’s Silvio Berlusconi over the formation of the new government. “We are working. I’m optimistic,” said Meloni to ANSA on her way into the Lower House.

The Fdl, a right-wing party, spearheaded the centre-right coalition to victory in last month’s general election.

“It seems to me that things are going well. We’ll be ready”.

Meloni in tension with Berlusconi over government

The new parliamentary term begins on Thursday with sessions to elect the new Senate and House speakers.

The FdI leader, who is poised to become Italy’s first woman premier, has repeatedly stressed the new government will be authoritative and made up of highly competent figures. However, there have been media reports of high tension within the coalition. Particular ructions are reported between Meloni and Berlusconi over the make-up of the new cabinet.

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