Brothers of Italy leader, meloni. Crédito editorial: Alessia Pierdomenico /

Brothers of Italy would be reliable in international arena says Meloni


Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni said Italy will be a reliable international partner if a right/centre-right coalition led by her party wins the September 25 general election.

Polls suggest a right/centre-right coalition will win the next election in September. Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy (Fdl), looks set to become the next PM is the polls are proved correct.

An agreement within the right-wing alliance was reached on Wednesday. There had been some murmurings when the issue of the future prime minister was broached. Meloni, whose right-wing party is currently top of the opinion polls, laid down an ultimatum on Monday, saying there was no point being in an alliance without an agreement on the premier candidate.

Centre-right Forza Italia (FI) proposed putting off the decision to a vote of centre-right lawmakers after the election. “Let’s win first and then see who lifts the cup,” FI Coordinator Antonio Tajani had said.

However, Meloni’s stance prevailed at Wednesday’s meeting after League leader Matteo Salvini also come out in favour. The principle is the party that gets most votes should also get the right to choose the premier nominee.

Confident that she will be in the driving seat, Meloni told her party’s national directorate:”We reiterate that we will guarantee, with no ambiguity, the Italian position (on the international arena) and the absolute support of the heroic battle of the Ukraine people (against the Russian invasion).

“We can say that an Italy led by Brothers of Italy and the centre right will be an Italy that is reliable at the international level”.

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