Enrico Letta says election result is not a foregone conclusion

Political left say the election result is not a forgone conclusion


Democratic Party (PD) leader Enrico Letta said on Friday the right/centre-right coalition have not yet won Italy’s September 25 general election. Indeed, the election result is in the hands of 40% of undecided voters.  

“We have three weeks ahead of us, 40% of voters are undecided,” Enrico Letta commented after League leader Matteo Salvini said the PD knew it was set to lose.

“Young people have not yet decided who to vote for. Everything is still to play for in this match”.

Opinion polls suggest that the right/centre-right coalition is set for a landslide victory.

The PD is currently second to Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party in the polls. PD has the support of around 22-23% of voters, compared to 24% for FdI. However, when the likely votes of both coalitions are put together, the right/centre-right has a massive lead.

Centre-right alliance well ahead of the left

The centre-right alliance is currently around 19% ahead of the centre-left bloc, according to a YouTrend simulation released this week. This means it is just 3% away from getting the two thirds majority needed to pass Constitutional amendments without a referendum.

The right’s chances have been boosted by the failure of the other parties to form a united front against it. The PD refused to ally with the 5-Star Movement (M5S) after it sparked the crisis of government that caused the collapse of the coalition supporting outgoing Premier Mario Draghi.

The centrist ‘third pole’ of Azione-Italia VIva is also running separately from the big blocs.

The graph below shows the poll trends for 1st September compared to last week. There is little movement between the weeks, with the exception of M5S who have gained almost a percentage point.

Source: https://www.youtrend.it/

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