Clashes in Naples over General Vannacci and his controversial book

Clashes in Naples over Vannacci’s book

By Region News Southern Italy

There were clashes in Naples between police forces clad in riot gear and approximately thirty young protestors, today. The demonstration was sparked by the presence of Roberto Vannacci, a prominent figure associated with the right-wing League Party, who was in the city for an event.

Vannacci, a 55-year-old former paratrooper commander, has garnered controversy for his inflammatory rhetoric targeting various minority groups, including gays, blacks, Jews, feminists, and others. Despite facing suspension from his military position and internal dissent within the League Party. Matteo Salvini, party leader, recently nominated Vannacci as a candidate for the European Parliament.

The protestors sought to disrupt Vannacci’s book presentation, ‘Il Mondo al Contrario’ (The World Back To Front), by attempting to breach police barriers and cordon protecting the event area. His statements, which include denouncing homosexuality, promoting conspiracy theories about migrant populations, and advocating for racially divisive ideologies, have drawn widespread condemnation.

The clashes in Naples between the two sides unfolded in Via Nazario Sauro. Tensions escalated as protestors threw water-filled balloons and struck officers’ shields with flagpoles. In response, police used batons to disperse the crowd.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy premier and transport minister, aligned himself with Vannacci for the European elections.

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