General Vannacci pictured in 2013. (HOECKLER73 VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Homophobic General Vannacci to run for League in EU vote


Deputy Premier, Transport Minister and League leader Matteo Salvini has announced that the suspended homophobic General Roberto Vannacci is set to run in June’s European elections.

Vannacci was recently suspended from duty for 11 months following a disciplinary procedure sparked by the self-publication last year of his controversial bestseller ‘Il Mondo al Contrario’ (The World Back To Front). The general is under investigation for incitement to hatred but also for fraud and embezzlement for expenses incurred while serving in Moscow.

In the book Vannacci, a 55-year-old former paratrooper commander, says that gays are not normal.

The book also espouses the Great Replacement conspiracy theory about mainly Muslim migrants replacing ethnic Italians. The General suggests only white people can be real Italians, and lauds stand-your-ground self-defence laws.

Salvini said Vannacci will be among the League’s candidates in all of Italy’s constituencies in the European elections.

“I am happy that a man of value like the general has decided to pursue his battles for freedom together with the League in the European Parliament,” Salvini said.

Vannacci stressed that he was running as an independent, nonetheless.

“I confirm my esteem for Minister Salvini, and I sign his declaration. I will be an independent candidate who maintains his own identity and who will fight, with courage, to affirm his values ​​of homeland, traditions, family, sovereignty and identity which I abundantly share with the League”, claimed Vannacci.   

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