Matteo Salvini who is facing a motion of no-confidence

No Italian soldier to die in Macron’s name says Salvini


Salvini asserts that no Italian soldier will ever sacrifice their life in the name of French President Emmanuel Macron. This follows Macron’s suggestion that Western troops might intervene in Ukraine if necessary.

Matteo Salvini made this declaration on social media in response to Macron’s remarks in an interview with British magazine The Economist. “Never one Italian soldier to die in Macron’s name, that’s what I think” Salvini said on social media.

Matteo Salvini post saying No Italian soldier will die in the name of Macron

Salvini is the Italian Deputy PM and Transport Minister. He is also leader of the far right League party which has disgraced General Roberto Vannacci on its ticket for the European elections.

Sandro Gozi, a Member of the European Parliament representing Macron’s Renaissance party, remarked that Salvini’s response effectively echoed Kremlin sentiments rather than official Russian diplomatic channels.

Gozi, a former figure in Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, emphasised Salvini’s consistent alignment with Putin and Russia, evident even in Salvini’s past public displays of support for Putin.

“No strategic ambiguity: he has chosen what side to be on, that of Putin and Russia obviously”,” said Gozi, posting a famous photo of Salvini in Red Square wearing a t-shirt with Putin’s face on it.

In the past, Salvini stated his admiration of the Russian president, saying he is “worth two Mattarellas.” Recently, he called on Kyiv to negotiate more recently.

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