Nuclear power to return to Italy

Italy to return to nuclear power

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On Thursday, Environment and Energy Security Minister Gilberto Pichetto announced the government’s intention to enact legislation facilitating Italy’s return to nuclear power by the end of the current parliamentary term.

Italy shuttered its nuclear plants in 1990 following a referendum in 1987 prompted by the Chernobyl disaster. However, Premier Giorgia Meloni’s administration contends that revisiting this policy is necessary. The government cites nuclear energy’s minimal carbon footprint and the imperative to curb greenhouse gas emissions to meet climate crisis targets set by European and international standards.

Furthermore, in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent geopolitical tensions, Italy seeks to bolster its energy security.

Pichetto affirmed the government’s commitment to this aim, emphasising the mandate entrusted to both the government and parliament. He highlighted ongoing efforts within a working group tasked with addressing the legal framework necessary for the adoption of nuclear power, particularly regarding the acquisition of small, modular reactors.

The government moved into law an Energy Decreee at the beginning of the year.

Looking ahead, Pichetto mentioned the exploration of IV generation nuclear reactors, aiming to establish conditions conducive to their production by the end of the decade. This ambitious timeline underscores the urgency with which the government seeks to address Italy’s energy needs and environmental commitments within the current parliamentary term.

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