young Italians killed near stuttgart

Young Italians killed near Stuttgart – uncle arrested


German police are trying to piece together the motive as two young Italians are killed near Stuttgart. It is believed the woman’s uncle is responsible for their murders.

A riddle over motive faces police in Germany after a 52-year-old Italian man was arrested near Stuttgart on Friday in relation to the shooting death of a 23-year-old Messina man, Cristian Zoda, on Wednesday. It is believed Zoda’s murder is related to that of his former girlfriend Sandra Quarta.

Shot outside family restaurant

Zoda was shot outside his family restaurant, where he worked, in Albstadt. He died in hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

On Sunday, Zoda’s ex-girlfriend, Sandra Quarta, had gone missing. Zoda had posted photos of 20-year-old Sandra detailing what she had been wearing when she went missing.

It is believed both Zoda and Quarta were killed by the young woman’s uncle, with whom she lived. Michele Quarta and his niece are originally from Novoli near Lecce in southern Puglia but the man has lived in Germany for over 20 years and had cut off all family ties, ANSA reported.

The Zoda family are originally from Messina on Sicily.

“Cristian worked at his father’s restaurant. He had lived in Germany since he was 12 years old and stayed with his father, because his parents are separated”, his cousin Lizzy Cannarozzo is quoted as saying in SicilyLab.

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What was the motive?

52-year-old Michele Quarta was arrested shortly after the fatal shooting and found to still have the murder weapon. During interrogation, the man gave the agents a clue about the whereabouts of Quarta, with whom he lived. It is understood she was found buried in the garden of the house in which they both lived.

An autopsy will reveal how Sandra died.

However, the German police are currently baffled as to the motive, and have many officers on the case.

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