murders in Emilia-Romagna

Family murders in Emilia-Romagna: three crimes in three days

By Region News North-east Italy

Today another tragedy in the province of Emilia-Romagna as husband murders wife and attempts suicide. Yesterday’s family massacre in Sassuolo leaves Italy in shock.

This morning, a man killed his wife and attempted suicide. It comes a day after the massacre of a family and the assailant’s suicide, and Tuesday’s matricide.

The man stabbed his wife and then turned the weapon towards himself, but did not succeed. According to sources, both the wife and husband have health problems, Ansa reports. This could have been the motive for the crime. The 71-year-old retired man does not have life-threatening injuries. His position is being examined by investigators.

On Tuesday, Carlo Evangelisti, 48, killed his mother in Modena.

Family massacre in Sassuolo

A man murders his ex-partner, their two children and his ex-mother-in-law before committing suicide.

The police theorise the 38-year-old man of Tunisian origin used a knife to murder his Italian ex, their two sons – aged 2 and 5 – and her 64-year-old-mother before taking his own life.

The 11-year-old-daughter from the woman’s previous relationship was at school at the time.  When nobody came to collect her, and calls to the parents went unanswered, the school contacted the police.

Investigators found the five bodies in the older woman’s home.

Relationship breakdown

Policec believe the killings occurred between 15.00 and 16.00 on Wednesday afternoon, in the Modena province.  

The couple had separated about a month ago, according to local media. The woman, 43, had taken her three children to live with her mother in whose house the killings took place. ANSA news agency reported there is audio evidence of the man, making death threats against his ex-partner in recent weeks.

The man worked in a local supermarket, and the mother of his children worked as a cleaner.

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