Emanuele Pozzolo, MP for Brothers of Italy

Pozzolo’s firearms licence to be revoked over New Year’s Eve shooting


The Biella Prefecture is to revoke the gun licence for personal defence issued to Emanuele Pozzolo, MP. A shot fired from Pozzolo’s gun injured a 31-year-old man on New Year’s Eve.

An MP from Premier Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party is to have his gun licence revoked after it was fired and injured a man on New Year’s Eve.

Emanuele Pozzolo denies firing the gun himself.

Francesca Delmastro, Mayor of Rosazza, and sister of justice undersecretary Andrea Delmastro, said Tuesday the accidental injury had left her “speechless”. The Mayor had organised the party but says she and her brother were not present when the incident happened.

“I am stunned, speechless, I consider what happened to be absolutely incredible,” she told Sky TG24. “I couldn’t never have imagined such a thing,” continued Delmastro.

“My brother has told me he wasn’t there, I had already left, the party was over,” she insisted.

Investigators say the incident occurred around 1.30 am.

Pozzolo, who had not been at the party, dropped by after midnight but denies firing the gun.

Weapon confiscated

The weapon was confiscated by Carabinieri police immediately after the episode. The 38-year-old Pozzolo was questioned by Carabinieri police for several hours.

The injured person was the 31-year-old son-in-law of a member of Andrea Delmastro’s security detail.

Carabinieri police were also gathering witness testimonies to establish who fired the shot.

The incident reportedly took place after 1.30am inside the premises of the local tourist information centre, which Mayor Francesca Delmastro hired for the evening.

The mayor reportedly left the party shortly after midnight. Her brother, Undersecretary Delmastro, has said he was outside the premises loading the car with left-over food at the time.

Pozzolo takes gunshot residue test

Emanuele Pozzolo took a gunshot residue test the morning after his gun shot and grazed the leg of a man. This contradicts earlier reports the MP had refused to take such a test invoking his parliamentary immunity.

Pozzolo was tested for traces of gunpowder on the morning of 1 January, hours after the shot was fired at a New Year’s Eve party, well-informed sources said. The test was reportedly carried out on both the MP’s hands and clothing.

He has been placed under investigation for grievous bodily harm.

Opposition calls for immediate clarification

Democratic Party (PD) Secretary Elly Schlein on Monday called for Premier Giorgia Meloni to “clarify immediately” in relation to shooting.

“These bunglers are a danger to the security of those around them, let alone to national security,” said Schlein.

“Giorgia Meloni must clarify immediately what measures she intends to take against Brothers of Italy MP Pozzolo, who goes to parties carrying a loaded gun in his pocket that ends up injuring a person,” she added.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, FdI claimed the incident had no “political relevance”.

“It is a matter of chronicle into which the competent authorities will carry out the necessary investigations to ascertain responsibility,” said the statement.

“Should any irregular or inappropriate behaviour on Pozzolo’s part emerge, appropriate action will also be taken by the party,” it continued.

“The attempt to turn what happened into a political issue in order to attack Brothers of Italy is absurd,” concluded the statement.

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