Jam of gondolas in Venice. To combat crowds, a trial of the Venice ticket system will start in 2024.

Venice introduces further measures to curb over-tourism

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Venice introduces new measures in a bid to manage over-tourism in the lagoon city. The size of group tours will now be capped.

In a bid to manage the overwhelming case of over-tourism and enhance the well-being of locals, Venice has introduced new restrictions on tour group sizes.

Commencing in June 2024, groups will be capped at 25 individuals—approximately half the capacity of a typical tourist bus. Additionally, the use of loudspeakers, known to cause confusion and disturbances, will be prohibited, as stated in an official announcement by the city.

Elisabetta Pesce, the city official responsible for security, clarified that these measures aim to streamline the movement of groups within Venice’s historic centre and the popular islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Previously, Venice announced plans to implement a day-tripper fee. This €5 per person charge will be enforced on 29 peak days from April to mid-July, including most weekends. The objective is to regulate crowd size, encourage longer stays, and enhance the overall quality of life for Venice residents.

The potential impact of tourism on the fragile lagoon city led the UN cultural agency to consider placing Venice on UNESCO’s list of heritage sites in danger. The city managed to avoid inclusion on this list previously by restricting large cruise ship arrivals through the Giudecca Canal and with the trial day tripper charge.

The introduction of the day-tripper charge, initially delayed due to a decline in tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic, further contributed to Venice’s efforts to balance the impact of tourism on its unique cultural and historical heritage.

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