Emanuele Pozzolo suspended over shooting

Pozzolo suspended over shooting


Premier Giorgia Meloni said on Thursday she had asked for Emanuele Pozzolo to be referred to FdI party arbitrators and for Pozzolo to be suspended in relation to a shot that was allegedly fired accidentally from a gun he was carrying.

After a New Year’s Eve party on Monday morning, a shot was fired from Pozzolo’s gun which injured a man in the leg.

“I have asked that (Emanuele) Pozzolo be referred to FdI’s board of arbitrators independently of the investigations being carried out by the competent authority and that he be suspended from the party pending judgement,” Meloni told reporters during her end-of-year press conference in Rome.

Pozzolo, 38, has been placed under investigation for grievous bodily harm. A bullet grazed the thigh of the 31-year-old son-in-law of the bodyguard of FDI Justice Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro. Pozzolo claims he did not fire the gun.

Pozzolo took a gunshot residue test the day after the incident. The result has yet to be made public. However, he used his parliamentary immunity to refuse the confiscation of his clothing.

There have been opposition calls for Pozzolo to resign or for Meloni to fire him.

“On the leadership class of my party, there is always someone you don’t expect and they make mistakes or do wrong things,” the premier told reporters.

“But I am not prepared to live this life if people around me do not feel responsibility,” she continued. “Because of the responsibility we have, and I feel that responsibility, I intend to be very strict,” said Meloni.

Pozzolo has in the past posted on social media photos of Mussolini. He has also said he is a “reactionary” who is in favour of “defending ourselves with firearms”.

Late Wednesday, police said they were proceeding to confiscate another six firearms owned by Pozzolo.

Injured party says he did not fire gun

Luca Campana, the man injured in the thigh, told prosecutors on Thursday he had not been holding the weapon at the time the shot went off.

Campana also reportedly filed a formal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office. This paved the way for investigators to press charges of bodily harm.

The 31-year-old specialised electrician appeared in the Biella prosecutor’s office as the injured party together with his lawyer Marco Romanello.

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