Labour Minister wages war on gangmastering. Image shows Mnister Calderone.

Minister of Labour Declares War on Gangmastering

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Our primary aim is to unequivocally declare war on gangmastering,” stated Minister of Labour Marina Calderone during a press conference.

“We held a meeting with representatives from employers’ and trade unions’ associations in the agricultural sector to review the government’s past and future interventions”. The meeting convened following the death of Satnam Singh, a labourer abandoned with a severed arm in Latina.

“We must remember and condemn what happened in Cisterna di Latina to Satnam Singh, who lost his life during an illegal work activity,” added the minister. “Even more tragically, he lost his life because he was not rescued and was abandoned without any humane assistance in a critical moment when his injuries were severe.”

Minister Lollobrigida Addresses Criminalisation of Agricultural Sector

Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida stressed the death of a worker “due to a criminal” should not lead to the criminalisation of all agricultural businesses.

Speaking at the same press conference, Lollobrigida stated, “In these situations, there may be a tendency to criminalise one link in the supply chain. However, these deaths do not depend on agricultural entrepreneurs but on criminals.” He also referenced an act of vandalism against an agricultural association in Lombardy to underline his point.

Potential amendments to Agricultural Decree

Lollobrigida and Calderone announced the current discussions remain open, allowing for informal dialogues. “Minister Calderone mentioned that in the next few days, or rather in the next few hours, there might be specific amendments to the agriculture decree, possibly at the request of trade unions and employers,” stated Lollobrigida.

These changes aim to expedite processes addressing issues like gangmastering. “This is a table that doesn’t need formal invitations, though there will be some, and it needs to remain open,” he concluded.

Autopsy to determine if Satnam Singh could have been saved

An autopsy was performed at San Camillo Hospital in Rome on the body of Satnam Singh, the 31-year-old labourer who died after being abandoned with an amputated arm. The results will determine if immediate emergency assistance could have saved him.

Instead of seeking help, the company owner left Singh in front of his home with his severed limb in a vegetable box near the garbage. Due to the delay, Singh bled profusely from his injury.

In response, authorities have seized the machinery and the area where the accident occurred. The Carabinieri of Latina are interviewing other workers to reconstruct the incident. The investigation, led by prosecutor Giuseppe De Falco and public prosecutor Marina Marra, aims to clarify unresolved questions. The only suspect is 37-year-old Antonello Lovato, the owner of the family farm where Singh worked.

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