Giulia Cecchettin, whose body is believed to have been found in the province of Pordenone. The confession of her murderer was revealed on TV programme Quarto Grado

Turetta’s confession to murder of Giulia Cecchettin published on Quarto Grado


Last night, the true crime Rete4 programme Quarto Grado published the confessions of Filippo Turetta to the murder of Giulia Cecchettin. Turetta murdered Giulia in November 2023 by stabbing her multiple times.

Warning: the account is explicit and may cause upset

In his confession to Deputy Prosecutor Andrea Petroni on December 1st, Turetta detailed his relationship with Giulia and the night he killed her.

His interrogation report was revealed last night by the true crime programme Quarto Grado.

Turetta’s confession

“We got together in January 2022 and always had a beautiful relationship. We had a brief crisis in March 2023, but reconciled after two weeks.”

He described their evening at the “La Nave De Vero” shopping centre in Marghera, where they shopped and dined until 11pm. “We went back to Giulia’s house but stopped in a parking lot in Vigonovo. This had happened before, and she agreed. I wanted to give her a gift, a little monster monkey. I had a backpack with other gifts: another stuffed monkey, a small lamp, and a children’s book titled ‘Monsters Brush Their Teeth’. She refused them. We argued. She said I was too dependent, too clingy. She was moving on and dating someone else, Eric. I shouted that it wasn’t right, that I needed her, that I would commit suicide. She responded firmly that she wouldn’t come back to me. She got out of the car screaming ‘You’re crazy, fuck off.'”

Turetta then said, “I was very angry. Before getting out too, I took a knife from the back pocket of the driver’s seat. I ran after her, grabbed her arm while holding the knife in my right hand. She screamed for help and fell. I bent down and hit her on the arm. I seem to remember the knife breaking immediately afterward.”

This knife was later found broken in a parking lot during the initial searches after Giulia was reported missing.

Dozen stab wounds

He continued, “I took Giulia by the shoulders while she was on the ground. She resisted and hit her head. I put her in the back seat. In the car, she kept asking ‘What are you doing? Are you crazy? Let me go.’

“She was lying on the seat. We were in the middle of the road to put tape on her mouth. I don’t remember if she took it off or if it fell off because I didn’t put it on properly. She got out and started running. I also got out. I had two knives in my pocket, and another in the car behind the driver’s seat. I dropped one in Vigonovo. I took the other and chased her. I don’t know if I pushed her or if she tripped. And that’s when I inflicted the dozen stab wounds that killed Giulia.”

“I struck her, I don’t know, ten, twelve, thirteen times with the knife. I aimed for her neck, shoulders, head, face, and then her arms. She was facing up, trying to protect herself with her arms. The last stab was to her eye. It seemed like she was no longer there. I put her in the back seats and drove off,” Turetta told prosecutors.

Had suicidal thoughts

He explained the tape to bind Giulia Cecchettin’s body was purchased “to attach the graduation papyrus,” the knives in the car were “because I had suicidal thoughts,” and he changed his bloody clothes “because I always carry a change with me.”

However, he abandoned his suicide plan during his escape because “my parents hoped to find me still alive,” Turetta said during the December 1st interrogation.

Turetta was identified in footage from a gas station in Cortina d’Ampezzo. “I changed my bloodstained clothes with others I had in the car. I always keep a change of clothes, blankets, food, and drink in the car,” he explained.

He then recounted his flight to the location where he abandoned Giulia Cecchettin’s body, stating he had intended to take his own life: “On the road to Barcis, I stopped at a secluded spot and stayed there for a while. I tried to suffocate myself with a bag, but even after tightening it with tape, I couldn’t do it, and eventually, I tore it off. So I took her body and hid it.”

He concluded with his escape to Germany. “I had a packet of crisps and a small box of biscuits in the car. I didn’t buy any food. The money I had was spent on petrol. I wanted to kill myself with a knife I had bought, but I couldn’t. I thought smoking and drinking sambuca would make it easier, but I ended up on Google Chrome, looking for news that would make me feel bad enough to have the courage to commit suicide. But I read that my parents hoped to find me still alive, and it had the opposite effect. I gave up on committing suicide and resigned myself to being arrested.”

Confession contradicts expert reports

According to documents filed in May for the Giulia Cecchettin murder, 21-year-old Filippo Turetta, stabbed his ex-girlfriend 75 times.

Documents cited in Italian media also state he had planned her murder, with notes on how to tie her up.

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