Giulia Cecchettin funeral notice

Giulia Cecchettin: autopsy complete, funeral on Tuesday

By Region News North-east Italy

The funeral of Giulia Cecchettin will take place in Padua on Tuesday. This is according to epigraphs posted Saturday morning in Vigonovo, Giulia’s nearby home town.

Giulia, a 22-year-old Padua University biomedical engineering student, was allegedly murdered by her 21-year-old ex boyfriend and classmate Filippo Turetta.

The final farewell to a young woman, whose death returned femicide to the top of the national agenda, will be given on Tuesday 5 December, at 11.00 a.m in the Basilica of Santa Giustina.

The authorisation from the Prosecutor’s Office to release her body to the family, after Saturday’s 14-hour autopsy, is expected soon.

Santa Giustina is a church capable of holding thousands of people. Overlooking Prato della Valle, the locations allows for many to follow the ceremony on maxi screens outside the basilica.

Cecchettin’s autopsy results

Giulia bled to death from over 20 stand wounds allegedly by Turetta. Her ex-boyfriend has confessed to the murder. He said in a nine-hour interrogation on Friday that something snapped in his head after he refused to accept the end of their relationship.

Giulia Cecchettin was attacked by Turetta in the industrial area of Fossò near Venice at around 11.40 pm on Saturday 11 November. She bled to death, a 12-hour autopsy established Thursday night.

She is believed to have been stabbed over 20 times by Turetta.

Turetta quizzed by Public Prosecutor

Meanwhile, Turetta was quizzed for nine hours Thursday by the Venice Public Prosecutor Andrea Petroni.

Between pauses, silences and tears, he gave some answers but in his account, there were many inconsistencies and several “I don’t remember”s.

“Something snapped in my head”, he said to try to explain his actions.

Turetta was arrested on a highway near Leipzig in Germany on November 19 after a manhunt of over a week.

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