Workplace accidents - explosion at an aluminium plant in Bo0lzano

Never-ending roll-call of workplace accidents and fatalities

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The death of Indian farm worker Satnam Singh was followed by the death of an 18-year-old crushed by farm machinery and injuries after an explosion at an aluminium plant. When will the Ministry of Labour act to stop this spate of workplace accidents?

An 18-year-old boy was crushed to death by farm machinery in an accident near Lodi in northern Italy on Thursday. Unfortunately, it will not be the last in a long spate of fatal workplace accidents in Italy.

The boy was hit by a heavy part of a machine that fell onto him as he was working in a barn at Brembio, local sources said.  A 20-year-old co-worker who witnessed the accident had a bad turn.

In Bolzano, eight workers were injured, five critically, in an explosion at an aluminium plant overnight, sources said on Friday.

The five most serious cases were taken by helicopter to important burns centres – two were taken to Verona, one to Padua, one to Milan and the other to Murnau in Bavaria, the sources said. The less seriously injured workers are receiving treatment in Bolzano.

Almost 500 workplace deaths in 2024 so far

Almost 500 people have died in work accidents among payrolled workers so far this year, the national observatory said Friday.

Former engineering worker Carlo Soricelli, who complies the figures, said 492 people had died at work from 1st January 1 to 20th June this year. But the figure rises to 670 if temp and gig workers are included, he said.

The sectors where most people have died are agriculture, construction and haulage, he added.

Italy is seeing a long spate of fatal workplace accidents. There were over 1,000 fatal work-related accidents here last year, according to official data.

The spotlight has returned on gangmastering after a 31-year-old Indian farm labourer, Satnam Singh, was left to die. His severed arm was placed by him after a farm machinery accident at Latina south of Rome this week.

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