Giuseppe Pantaleo refused entry to school for not having green pass

Teacher, Giuseppe Pantaleo, refused entry to school for second day running

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A teacher at the Curie-Levi Institute in Turin, Giuseppe Pantaleo, turned up for a second day without a Green Pass. After refusing to leave the building, the school called the carabinieri.

The carabinieri intervened this afternoon to remove Giuseppe Pantaleo, a French teacher at the Curie-Levi Institute in Turin, from the school. Pantaleo turned up for the second consecutive day at the headquarters in via Madonna delle Salette without the Green pass. The same teacher yesterday denounced the headmaster, accusing him of abuse of office.

I will swab if everyone else does

“The principal, explained Pantaleo, “invited me to leave because I did not have the Green Pass. I replied that of my own free will, I would not leave. So he called the carabinieri. It must be clear that it is not I who leave, but the carabinieri are taking me out.”

Pantaleo, together with another colleague, yesterday morning tried to participate in the faculty board, presenting a vaccine exemption certificate instead of the Green Pass. However, the principal did not accept the document as it was signed by a general practitioner and not by the attending physician.

After the complaint from the carabinieri, the Curie-Levi teacher asked his lawyer to speak with the school’s principal. “I would be willing to swab only if everyone does”, Pantaleo said.

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