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500 flights cancelled in Italy

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On Sunday, hundreds of flights were cancelled in Italy as employees of low-cost airlines, and air traffic controllers, held 4-hour strikes. Airline workers are striking over working conditions.

A union official, Fabrizio Cuscito, told Italian state TV there were some 500 flights cancelled. Airline workers for Rynair, easyJet and Volotea are seeking better pay as well as improved working conditions, including meals on long shifts, he said.

The air traffic controllers’ strike started at 1pm, whilst the airline workers walked out an hour later. Both strikes lasted for 4 hours.

Until now, Italy has experienced less chaos at its airports compared to other western European countries. Although, there was a similar strike in June. Airlines and airports laid off thousands of staff during the COVID pandemic, and have not been able to fill the positions since the restart of international travel.

For example, at Heathrow airport, it is not only airlines cancelling flights due to staff issues. As well, Heathrow is asking airlines to cancel flights. There are not enough staff on the ground, such as baggage handlers, to deal with the volume of passengers.

However, across Europe, airline staff for low-cost airlines – particularly Ryanair and easyJet – are holding strikes regarding pay and working conditions.

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