Bus accident on Capri. Bus on side after leaving road. Image courtesy of Vigili del Fuego

Fatal bus accident on Capri – 1 dead and 23 injured

By Region News Southern Italy

A public service minibus veered off the road on Thursday going through the crash barrier. The driver died and 23 were injured, six of them seriously. Six of the injured were airlifted to hospital in Naples.

The public bus crashed near the beach of Marina Grande. Most of the slightly injured were passers-by hit by detritus caused by the crash, police said.

Six of the bus passengers are in Naples hospitals, including a 15-year-old boy.

The general management of ASL Napoli 1 said in a statement, there were 24 rescued, 1 dead and 23 injured.

“It’s a bad time for me and for the whole island community” said Mayor Marino Lembo. “We are deeply saddened and really shocked by what happened this morning. To ascertain the facts there will be investigations and technical checks. Now is the time for pain. Any other statement risks becoming superfluous. However, I would like to express our due applause to the rescue services which were immediate and efficient.

We cling tightly to the family of the young driver, who met a sad fate in the fulfilment of his work. And we are close to the wounded whom we wish to recover as soon as possible.”

Flag at half-mast

Today, the flag of Capri city is at half-mast on the Town Hall, in respect for the driver Emanuele Melillo.

He was 33 years old and due to become a father in a few months. Neapolitan, he loved Capri and his work.

Unions request clarification on events surrounding bus accident

Unions intervene on the tragic bus accident in Capri, which resulted in the death of the driver and the injury of numerous passengers.

“Regarding what happened yesterday morning in Capri, we believe we need to quickly clarify the dynamics of the tragic accident and the possible responsibilities that led to the death of the bus driver” declares the USB in a statement.

“The USB expresses closeness and condolences to the friends and relatives of the victim and, following the request of the workers and delegates of the ATC company, revokes the public transport strike in Capri scheduled for today.

“This is not the time for controversy, but we believe there is a need to renew and strengthen the current fleet of buses, many of which date back to the 1980s, with the latest generation vehicles to be put into service on the ‘island of Capri.

“For years we have been asking, in vain, the ATC company, the Campania region, the Metropolitan City of Naples and the administrations of Capri and Anacapri, to set up a permanent table on traffic and road safety with the aim of verifying the organizational situation of the system of local public transport on the Blue Island, with a view to integrated, safe and eco-sustainable mobility,” concludes the USB.

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