firefighters work on mestre overpass

Plaster falls from a Mestre overpass

By Region News North-east Italy

Firefighters intervened to secure an overpass in Mestre during the night between Saturday and Sunday after passers-by reported seeing falling plaster.

The Mestre overpass in question is the ‘Della Giustizia’ railway overpass. It is one of the city’s oldest infrastructure works dating to the early 20th century. It crosses the Trieste-Treviso railway line. It is also not far from the overpass that saw last Tuesday’s bus crash in which 21 mostly young and foreign people died.

The condition of local infrastructure has come under the spotlight since the accident.

First Mestre bus crash patient leaves hospital

Meanwhile, on Saturday a 28-year-old German named only as Nico V, was the first person injured in the crash to be discharged from hospital.

“I am getting better, I feel I had a guardian angel that saved my life. I have a head wound, many blows, my right arm hurts. But I’m here…,” he told Corriere della Sera.

Nico’s partner Annabel, 27, is in a medically induced coma, hospitalised in the intensive care unit. Their 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte, died in the crash. Two days ago, this young father went down to the hospital morgue and picked her up.

“I said goodbye to her”, he told Corriere, “but unfortunately she cannot return with me today: I still don’t know when the procedures to bring her body home will be completed. Meanwhile, the Italian doctors are deciding when it will be possible to transfer my partner to a German hospital.”

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