Mestre train station

Three under investigation for Mestre bus crash

By Region News North-east Italy

Venice prosecutors have put three people under investigation over last week’s Mestre bus crash.

The three under investigation are the CEO of ‘La Linea’, the company that operated the bus, and two city of Venice officials. The officials are the manager of the Traffic and Mobility department for the mainland area of the city, and the manager of the Road Maintenance department, according to the report.

They reportedly face charges of vehicular homicide, multiple culpable homicide, causing serious or very serious road injuries, and culpable personal harm.

In the tragic incident that occurred last week, a total of 21 lives were lost. This devastating event claimed the lives of passengers hailing from various nationalities, including nine Ukrainians, four Romanians, three Germans, two Portuguese, one Croatian, one South African, and the Italian bus driver. The accident unfolded when a tourist bus, en route from the heart of Venice to a camping site, tragically veered off an overpass situated above a railway line, leading to a fiery and fatal impact.

The reasons for the bus crash are unclear. One hypothesis is that the driver had a bad turn while at the wheel. However, doubts have also been raised about the state of the overpass, particularly the guardrail.

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