Guardrail where the Mestre bus crash happened

Prosecutor’s report on 2023 fatal bus crash in Mestre

By Region News North-east Italy

A malfunctioning right pin and joint failure in the steering system caused the fatal bus crash in Mestre on 3rd October 2023, resulting in the deaths of 22 people, says Prosecutor.

The information surfaced during a meeting with Venice prosecutor Bruno Cherchi, who announced the conclusion of the appraisal phase. The documents have been forwarded to the involved parties and their consultants for technical analysis.

The prosecutor’s report highlighted the road barriers were in such poor condition they could not withstand the impact.

“The causal link between the failure of the steering and the state of the barriers must be established,” stated Cherchi. Currently, three officials from the Municipality of Venice and the CEO of La Linea are under investigation for the fatal bus crash in Mestre.

Footage from on-board cameras

Footage from the bus’s on-board cameras, capturing the passengers’ final moments, has been acquired by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Cherchi has requested that those who receive the video refrain from publishing or disseminating it. “The images are crude, there are minors and people who die,” he explained. “It serves no public interest; I appeal to common sense.”

Cherchi stated the camera footage corroborates other reports and testimonies. The video shows the bus travelling normally on the overpass before veering right – now known to be due to the steering joint failure. It then hit the barriers multiple times, scattering debris, and ultimately crashing.

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