ESM not ratified by Italy, all must agree to it says Metsola.

Italian Parliament won’t ratify ESM


Speaking after the Ecofin Council meeting in Luxembourg, Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said the Italian Parliament won’t ratify the ESM.

Minister Giorgetti said, “Parliament is not in a position to approve it and does not approve it.”

He added, “There isn’t much hope of ratifying it. Let’s say it’s not possible in the short term, in the long term it depends on whether it changes, whether it improves, whether it changes nature as we have always asked.”

Giorgetti elaborated, saying, “I simply said that introducing the topic of the ratification of the ESM at this moment seemed to me to be a bit, let’s say so, vaguely throwing a little salt on the wound and therefore improper.”

In October last year, PM Meloni stated it is “useless” to discuss the ESM reform.

Facts screenshot from the ESM website.
The ESM is an existing tool of the EU.
Screenshot from ESM website

Salvini: “We will never ratify the ESM, it is European madness”

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini also expressed his opposition to the ESM, asserting, “Italy will never ratify the ESM, the European state bailout fund.” At the FS Safety Academy presentation, Salvini stated, “The Mef is of no use to Italy – it is another European madness.”

When asked about the possibility of ratification, he firmly replied, “No, never, imagine, it’s another European madness. They can approve it if they want because we don’t need it.”

Democratic Party Pushes for ESM Ratification

In contrast, the Democratic Party has reintroduced a bill for the ratification of the ESM reform. Piero De Luca, president of the PD group in the Chamber and leader of the Dem group in the EU Policies Commission, stated, “We have just redeposited as the Democratic Party our bill proposal, with my first signature, for the ratification of the ESM reform treaty. Italy is the only signatory state that has not yet done so, blocking the operation of an improvement reform of the already existing instrument.”

De Luca criticised the government’s approach, saying, “Due to the government and the ideological propaganda of the right, Italy has weakened significantly in recent months in Europe, with consequences also in the negotiations on the Stability Pact, and has called financial stability into question and banking in the Eurozone to the detriment of all Italian and European savers.”

He expressed hope for a shift in the majority’s position post-European elections, urging them to “prevent Italy from becoming the weak link in the entire Eurozone.”

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