Coca Cola - Ferragni collaboration suspended

Coca Cola – Ferragni collaboration suspended by soft drinks firm

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Coca Cola said Friday (05/01/2024) it has suspended its collaboration with social influencer Chiara Ferragni over the Pandoro charity affair. The Coca Cola – Ferragni collaboration would have included a TV advert.

Coca Cola has pulled a television commercial featuring businesswoman and social influencer Chiara Ferragni. This follows the furore which broke out after she allegedly profited from a charity initiative regarding a “designer” version of the popular pandoro Italian Christmas cake.

Coca Cola made the announcement on Friday that it has suspended its collaboration with social influencer Ferragni.

“We worked with Chiara in Italy in 2023, including some filming held last December. For now we don’t plan to use this content,” read a statement from the multinational company.

The advert had allegedly been due to go on air from the end of January, just before the opening of the popular annual televised Sanremo song festival.

Coca-Cola – Ferragni collaboration collapse follows on Safilo

The New Year did not ring in good news for Chiara Ferragni. After a muted return to social media, she has now been hit with another blow from big company collaborations.

Before Christmas Italian eyewear company Safilo announced the termination of its licensing agreement with the influencer for the production and distribution of branded sunglasses and eyeglasses.  

Coca Cola was somewhat brief in its communication of the end of the collaboration, but the message is clear: Ferragni’s ‘charity pandoro’ furore is not good for her or her collaborators’ businesses.

Instagram post from Chiara ferragni as part of her Coca Cola collaboration.
An earlier Coca Cola – Ferragni promotion

Why are collaborations ending?

The 36-year-old businesswoman came under fire last month after Italy’s Antitrust authority said it had issued fines of over one million euros to her companies and 420,000 euros to Italian confectionery company Balocco. The fines were for unfair commercial practice in relation to sales of a branded pandoro.

The competition watchdog claimed ferragni and Balocco had led customers to believe that by purchasing the product they would be contributing to a donation to the Regina Margherita pediatric hospital in Turin. However, a donation of €50,000 had already been made by Balocco on its own months earlier.

The companies linked to Ferragni allegedly made more than one million euro from the initiative.

To restore faith in her personal brand, Ferragni donated €1million to the hospital. But it was too late to rescue some of her big collaborations.

Shortly after, Ferragni found herself at the centre of a fresh storm regarding a charity Easter Egg produced by Dolci Preziosi that allegedly earned her far more than the amount donated to the good cause in question.

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