Fire brigade rescu people after building collapsed

Residential building collapsed near Rome

By Region Central Italy News

A residential building collapsed in the town of Canale Monterano, near Rome, on Saturday.  Three individuals were pulled out alive and taken to hospital.

On Saturday, a building collapsed in Canale Monterano near Rome. Three people were pulled alive from the building’s wreckage by the rescue services.

The victims of the collapse were hospitalised, one to Gemelli polyclinic with various traumas and the other two to Bracciano hospital with traumas and abrasions.

What caused the building collapse?

The initial hypothesis is that the building collapsed due to an explosion caused by a gas leak. There were reports of the smell of gas odour in the area.  

While the investigation continues, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers posed by gas leaks. Authorities are checking the area to ensure it is safe and any gas leaks are capped.

There have been a number of gas explosions in recent years leading to building collapses and, in some, cases, fatalities.

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