Mural of Chiara Ferragni shows her wealking with her husband, carrying a pandoro, under the title Beware Pickpocket.

Mural of Chiara Ferragni depicts her as a thief

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A mural of Chiara Ferragni appeared in Padua targeting the top Italian fashion influencer and businesswoman. Showing her and her rapper husband Fedez, it says Beware Pickpocket.

A mural of Chiara Ferragni depicting her as a thief has appeared on a wall in Padua. The influencer is mired in controversy surrounding alleged profiting from charity initiatives related to an Easter egg and a “designer” version of the Italian Christmas cake, ‘pandoro.’

Milan prosecutors initiated investigations into these cases, although Ferragni, half of Italy’s top celebrity couple with rapper Fedez, is not formally under investigation.

The mural illustrates Ferragni holding a ‘pandoro,’ walking hand-in-hand with Fedez under graffiti that reads ‘Beware Pickpocket.’ In response to the ‘pandoro’ case, Ferragni, 36, issued a public apology on Monday, after the Antitrust authority imposed fines exceeding €1million on companies associated with her.

Ferragni pledged to donate €1million to Turin’s Regina Margherita children’s hospital as a demonstration of remorse.

Story behind the mural

The competition watchdog stated that Ferragni and confectionery company Balocco misled customers, suggesting that purchasing the ‘designer’ pandoro would contribute to a hospital donation.

However, Balocco had already made a €50,000 donation independently months earlier. Premier Giorgia Meloni criticised Ferragni without explicitly naming her during a speech last week.

Another case emerged regarding an Easter Egg produced by Dolci Preziosi, allegedly resulting in Ferragni earning more than the amount directed to the intended cause.

Despite her massive online following, Ferragni has disappeared from social media following her video apology on December 18. Meanwhile, Fedez has reappeared, acknowledging it’s been a “challenging time” for the couple.

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