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Chiara Ferragni sues L’Espresso over “Joker” cover

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Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni took legal action against news magazine L’Espresso on Thursday. The lawsuit stems from their decision to feature her on the cover as the villainous Joker character.

“A glaring bid to vilify women on a day when they should be celebrated,” Ferragni’s lawyers argued. They object particularly to the cover’s release coinciding with International Women’s Day.

The 36-year-old businesswoman is currently facing personal and professional challenges, including a public separation from her rapper husband Fedez and investigations into charity endorsements. 

The caption on the mocked-up cover showing the influencer as the Joker reads, “Ferragni Ltd, Chiara’s Dark Side.”

Ferragni addresses personal struggles

In a recent interview on Fabio Fazio’s talk show Che Tempo Che Fa, Ferragni acknowledged her current difficulties. “These two and a half months have been a bit of a tough period, but my issues are small compared to the tragedies of the world.”

Ferragni, embroiled in legal issues surrounding alleged charity endorsement mishaps, maintains her innocence. “If I have misconstrued, I will give everything back,”* she said, reiterating that she acted “in good faith.”

Regarding the reported split with Fedez, she gave some clarification. “Federico and I speak to each other, we are two adults who care about each other.”

Ferragni downplayed the notion of a complete break. “It’s not like you stop speaking to each other from one day to the next.”  She said it is a difficult phase: “It’s a moment of crisis, we’ve had other crises in the past, this is a slightly bigger crisis.”

Ferragni said the priority is their children: “Now the priority for both of us is the children.” She also expressed a desire to be more present in the moment, stating, “I’ve never stopped to live the present, and instead social media isn’t everything, even if it’s my dream job, life outside has to be lived.”

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