Giulia Cecchettin, whose body is believed to have been found in the province of Pordenone

Body found may be that of missing woman Cecchettin

By Region News North-east Italy

A body found by firefighters near Barcis in the northern province of Pordenone on Saturday morning is in all likelihood that of Giulia Cecchettin. The young woman went missing in Veneto last weekend along with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta, Venice prosecutor Bruno Cherchi said.

“On the basis of the initial on-the-spot findings of the Carabinieri, it should be her body. We are waiting for confirmation,” Cherchi said.

On Friday a short video showing Cecchettin being physically attacked by Turetta before being bundled into his car compounded fears for her safety after the couple disappeared. In the video, Turetta can be seen attacking Cecchettin with his bare hands and then forcing the bleeding woman into his car. The footage was taken last Sunday by the security cameras at the “Dior” plant in Fosso’, in the province of Venice, where blood stains and hair strands had been found on a road.

Venice prosecutors have put Turetta under investigation for attempted homicide and police continue to search for his whereabouts.

Italy has an issue with femicides. Figures released in September by the Interior Ministry showed there were 77 femicides in 2023 up until 3rd September. The report said 61 of the 77 female victims were killed in the family/relationship sphere. Furthermore, 38 of them were killed by their current or former partner.

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