Filippo Turetta who will be imprisoned in Veneto

Turetta to arrive in Veneto on Saturday

By Region News North-east Italy

Filippo Turetta, currently under investigation for the alleged murder of his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin on November 11, will be placed in solitary confinement at Venice prison. The 22-year-old biomedical engineering student at Padua University will be subject to 24-hour surveillance, as a precautionary measure for his own safety and to prevent self-harm.

Turetta’s extradition from Germany takes place this weekend, with his arrival in Veneto scheduled for Saturday morning. He will be places in solitary confinement with 24-hour surveillance. This is to prevent self-harm and his own safety prior to trial. His victim Giulia Cecchettin has said in a voice message recorded before her murder, that he had threatened to harm himself after she broke off their relationship.

These precautionary measures, stated the sources, are standard protocols applied to detainees in similar cases. Turetta, apprehended near Leipzig in Germany last Sunday after evading authorities for over a week, is scheduled for extradition to Italy on Saturday morning.

In a development linked to the ongoing investigation, sources revealed that a few days preceding the murder, Turetta allegedly purchased adhesive tape online, raising suspicions of its potential connection to the adhesive tape discovered in the industrial area of Fossò near Venice—where Cecchettin reportedly endured the second phase of the attack.

As of now, Turetta faces charges of kidnapping and voluntary homicide, with the possibility of these charges being elevated to premeditated murder. Investigative authorities are also contemplating adding a charge of concealing the corpse to the list of offenses.

The lifeless body of Cecchettin was discovered last Saturday morning in a gorge situated between Lake Barcis and Piancavallo in the Friuli province of Pordenone. The investigation into this tragic incident continues to unfold with further details and charges pending.

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