Turetta and Cecchettin in happier times

Turetta arrested in Germany on suspicion of murdering Giulia Cecchettin


Filippo Turetta was arrested on suspicion of murdering his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin. He was apprehended in Germany after an eight-day search.

Turetta was arrested in the spa town of Bad Dürrenberg near Leipzig a day after the discovery of Cecchettin’s body. Her remains were found near Lake Barcis in the northeastern Italian Friuli region. Her body displayed numerous knife wounds to the neck and head, along with defensive injuries.

Suspicion is that Turetta, driven by rage after Cecchettin ended their relationship, committed the murder. He was detained based on an international arrest warrant issued by Venice police and is now awaiting extradition from Germany.

Premier Giorgia Meloni expressed her sorrow on Saturday, stating, “The news of Cecchettin’s murder is heartbreaking.” She hopes that “full light will be shed” on this latest incident in the ongoing wave of femicides in Italy. Cecchettin may be the 103rd femicide victim this year.

Filippo Turetta’s father, Nicola Turetta, addressed the media, expressing shock and disbelief at his son’s actions. He conveyed condolences to Cecchettin’s family, emphasising the close relationship they shared. Nicola Turetta expressed the family’s bewilderment, stating, “We knew (Giulia) well. She used to come here with Filippo to see us. They seemed a perfect couple; no one will bring Giulia back again.”

Schlein renews call to Meloni to work together on gender-based violence

Opposition centre-left Democratic Party leader Elly Schlein renewed her call to Premier Meloni to collaborate on preventing gender-based violence. Schlein urged a bipartisan effort, setting aside political differences for the sake of addressing the alarming rates of violence against women. She emphasized the need for both repression and prevention, advocating for an immediate law introducing compulsory education on respect and affectivity in all schools in Italy.

These calls for collaboration and preventive measures come in the wake of Meloni’s expressed interest in strengthening efforts against gender-based violence. Italian comic and actress Paola Cortellesi prompted the appeal for joint action. Her directorial debut, “C’è Ancora Domani” (There’s Still Tomorrow), received acclaim at the 2023 Rome Film Fest for its portrayal of violence against women and issues of patriarchy and women’s empowerment in post-war Rome.

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