Marina Berlusconi who denies any involvement in the exposure of Andre

Marina Berlusconi denies involvement in Andrea Giambruno disclosure


Marina Berlusconi has firmly denied any involvement in the disclosure of information regarding Andrea Giambruno, the former partner of Premier Giorgia Meloni.

Last week, Meloni publicly announced her separation from TV journalist Giambruno, who is the father of her seven-year-old daughter, Ginevra. This separation came after the satirical news program “Striscia la Notizia” aired inappropriate off-air comments made by Giambruno.

It’s worth noting that “Striscia la Notizia” is broadcast on the Mediaset network, owned by the Berlusconi family, just like the show “Diario del Giorno” that Andrea Giambruno used to host on Retequattro.

In the leaked recordings, Giambruno could be heard making lewd comments, including remarks about having intimate relations to gain access to their working group and mentioning “threesomes and foursomes.” He also appeared to admit to an affair with another female colleague.

Giambruno faces disciplinary proceedings

As a result of the controversy, Giambruno stepped down from his role on “Diario del Giorno” and publicly apologized for any embarrassment caused. He is now facing disciplinary proceedings before the Italian Journalists’ Guild.

Marina Berlusconi addressed the situation, expressing her perspective in an interview with Rai journalist Bruno Vespa for his new book, “Il Rancore e la Speranza” (Rancour and Hope). She stressed she has been observing the recent events and discussions. She considers them to be largely unfounded, filled with behind-the-scenes tales and narratives that lack logical consistency and are often contradictory.

However, she made it clear that she holds Giorgia Meloni in high regard, admiring her for her competence, consistency, and practical approach. Berlusconi also appreciates Meloni both for her political acumen and as a person, especially in light of recent developments.

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