Meloni is set to receive government mandate

Meloni set to receive government mandate this afternoon


Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni is set to receive a mandate to form a new government from President Sergio Mattarella. She will visit the presidential palace at 16:30 on Friday.

Meloni is poised to become Italy’s first woman premier after FdI spearheaded the coalition’s victory in last month’s general election.

“The whole centre-right coalition proposed me as the person to be given a mandate to form the government,” Meloni told reporters.  “We await the decisions of the president and we are ready right now.

“We want to proceed on the shortest amount of time possible because there are many urgent issues (to address) at the national and international level”.

Mattarella spoke to the opposition parties and the parliamentary speakers on Thursday as part of the formal consultations. Meloni is set to receive government mandate from him this afternoon.

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