Trenord train which will be affected by train strikes on 9 September

Italy faces train strike on 9 September


A nationwide eight-hour train strike in Italy has been confirmed by trade unions for Friday 9 September.

Trade unions confirmed a nationwide, eight-hour train strike in Italy on Friday 9 September, from 09.00 until 17.00. As a result, widespread cancellations and delays can be expected. It will affect rail services provided by Trenitalia, Italo and Trenord.

Strike for train worker security

Unions say the protest is a call for greater safety and security for train workers. The move follows a recent assault on a train conductor in Naples after he asked a passenger for their ticket.

Unions say the protest is in response to the “gravity and intolerability of the numerous and violent attacks” against its members.

For travellers who have already purchased train tickets for Friday, or who intend to travel by train that day, further information can be obtained the railways’ websites.

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