Storms cause disruption in Italy

Storms batter parts of Italy

By Region Central Italy News

Storms in Italy caused massive disruption on Thursday. Tornadoes battered Civitavecchia and the Verona-side of Lake Garda and torrential rain causing flooding and mudslides in the province of Como.

Firefighters had to intervene in many areas due to trees that were blown over or rendered dangerous by gale-force winds as storms hit Italy.

Flood and landslides hit Como and the nearby towns of Torno and Blevio, pouring mud and debris into residential areas. The extreme weather struck the same area affected by storms a year ago.

“Water got in everywhere,” said an eye-witness in Blevio. “All it took was an hour of rainfall for all hell to break loose”.

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The Lariana state highway had to be closed to traffic. The storms also caused major problems in the Lecco area.

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