Ultima Generaxione's latest protest involved daubing mud on St Mark's basilica in Venice

Ultima Generazione activists daub mud on St Mark’s Basilica in Venice


Climate activists on Thursday daubed mud on St Mark’s Basilica in Venice in an act of protest they called “a fire alarm”.

The Ultima Generazione protesters used fire extinguishers to spray liquid mud on the church walls, then unfurled a banner reading ‘repair fund’.

“We are here to sound the fire alarm,’ said the activists. “This is a non-violent protest. Venice is sinking because our governments have not taken action against the climate crisis,” they continued.

“Today those of you who are here to take photos and visit this church are privileged. You are the last ones who will be able to see this church above sea level,” they concluded.

 A French tourist and her daughter joined the protest before Digos officers arrived at the scene.

Culture Minister slams protest action

Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano on Thursday strongly condemned the protest. He described the action as “a vile and unspeakable gesture” and as a “disfigurement to one of the most illustrious symbols of the national cultural heritage that must be firmly sanctioned”.

“The Senate has passed the bill approved by the government that punishes eco-vandals by forcing them to pay out of their own pockets for the restoration” of the monuments and works of art that they potentially damage, continued the minister.

“We are waiting for the final green light from the Lower House. “Those who damage will pay economically in the first person,” said Sangiuliano.

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