Ultima Generazione

Last Generation naked flash mob in Turin

By Region Environment News North-west Italy

Several Ultima Generazione (Last Generation, UG) climate crisis activists were fined €3,300 each for public indecency. They took part in a naked flash mob on a central Turin bridge on Saturday.

After stripping stark naked and blocking traffic in a flash mob, five protestors from Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) were hauled away by police. However, officers had to break the chains the protestors had used to link themselves together.

 As well as the fines, they were cited for blocking traffic, interrupting public services (referring to buses that couldn’t cross the bridge), staging an unauthorised demonstration and refusal to give their personal details.

UG has staged a series of controversial headline-grabbing protests in the last two years. Thes include pouring red liquid over themselves outside Florence cathedral and gluing themselves to the iconic Laocoon statuary group in the Vatican Museums.

In May this year, a protest at the Giro d’Italia by three UG members was thwarted as the trio was dragged away from the road at Meolo near Venice before they could stop a breakaway group of four riders from racing past.

Earlier that month, UG staged another act of civil disobedience to highlight the need to tackle the climate crisis when two protestors covered themselves in mud outside the Senate in Rome.

Three UG members are currently on trial in Rome for spraying easy-to-wash-off paint over the facade of the Senate in January.

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