Tourists in the canal hving capsized the gondola after not sitting down

Tourists capsize gondola whilst taking selfies

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In Venice, a group of tourists capsize a gondola. They found themselves plunged into the cold waters of a canal. Despite warnings to stop taking selfies and sit down, the passengers continued shifting around and capturing photos against the backdrop of the city’s famous sites.

The incident occurred as the gondolier attempted a challenging manoeuvre beneath a bridge near St Mark’s Square, Venice.

Caught on video and widely shared online, the gondolier also ended up in the water but quickly worked to rescue his passengers. The tricky manoeuvre required precise weight distribution onboard, but the tourists reportedly disregarded the gondolier’s instructions, opting to stand and take photos, ultimately leading to the boat tipping over.

The gondolier helped his passengers to the side of the canal after he was also thrown into the water.

Watch video of the capsized gondola

According to posts on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Venezia Non è Disneyland (Venice Is Not Disneyland), an initiative by young Venetians documenting tourist mishaps, the rescued tourists were provided with “hospitality and warmth” at the nearby La Fenice theatre.

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