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Italy takes a backward step in reducing emissions

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Italy has experienced a significant regression in its attempt to address the climate crisis, as highlighted in a report unveiled at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai. Italy slumps from 29th to 44th position in the 2024 Climate Change Performance Index.

The 2024 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), jointly published by Germanwatch, CAN International, and the NewClimate Institute, underscores Italy’s decline from the 29th to the 44th position in the annual ranking, encompassing 63 countries and the European Union.

This descent is primarily attributed to the deceleration in the reduction of climate-altering emissions and the perceived inadequacy of the national climate policy in responding to the emergency. Italy specifically holds the 37th and 58th positions in the rankings pertaining to emissions and climate policy.

The CCPI evaluates each country’s performance across four key categories, with GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions accounting for 40% of the overall ranking, and Renewable Energy, Energy Use, and Climate Policy each contributing 20%. The assessment aims to gauge the effectiveness of countries in addressing emissions, adopting renewable energy practices, and managing energy use to align with the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement established during COP21 in 2015.

Italy one of the worst in Europe for GHG emissions

The European Union’s 27 member states have contributed approximately 20% of the world’s cumulative carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions since 1750, excluding those related to land use, land use change, and forestry.

GHGs play a pivotal role in shaping climate patterns and global temperatures, making them a key focus when identifying major polluters.

In 2021, Italy, Germany, and France, emerged as the European countries with the highest aggregate GHG emissions. They ranged from approximately 375,000 to 740,000 kilotonnes of CO2 equivalent.

GHG emissions for Italy and 2030 target. Produced by Germanwatch 2022

When looking at the rate at which Italy needs to reduce its GHG emissions in order to reach the Paris pathway equivalent, it is clear a lot of changes need to be made.

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