Elly Schlein, leader of PD, to bring in code of conduct after criminal probes start piling up

PD to bring in code of conduct


The opposition, centre-left Democratic Party (PD) is set to bring in a code of conduct for candidates after several recent criminal probes dented its image. The probes also disrupted efforts for it to form an alliance with the populist 5-Star Movement (M5S) capable of taking on Premier Giorgia Meloni’s centre-right coalition.

The latest case came out at the weekend, when Raffaele Gallo quit as the PD’s caucus head in the Piedmont regional assembly. He also withdrew his candidacy for June’s regional elections there after his father was put under investigation in a corruption probe.

Last week ex-premier and M5S leader Giuseppe Conte announced that the M5S would not take part in primaries to select the centre left’s candidate for upcoming local elections in Bari after the PD’s Anita Maurodinoia resigned as Puglia regional transport councillor. It had emerged she was among the people under investigation in a probe into alleged vote buying in the province of Bari.

Bari was already at the centre of political tension after the central government launched an inspection of the municipal administration for possible mafia infiltration following another probe.

Bari Mayor Antonio Decaro, a PD member, says the move, which could lead to the city council being dissolved, is linked to June’s local elections in the city.

Conte calls on Schlein to act on her leadership election promises

Conte’s decision to abstain from the primaries resulted in an angry reaction from the PD. Conte hit back. “It will become increasingly difficult to work with the Democratic Party, if they don’t withdraw the accusations of being disloyal,” Conte told La7 television.  He added he had spoken to PD leader Elly Schlein about the decision to withdraw from the primaries before announcing it.

“We stand for legality.

“If the Democratic Party is willing to embark on a new path, without throwing the whole past overboard, then fine.

“Otherwise we’ll take note of their position”.   

In a newspaper interview published on Monday, Conte said PD leader Elly Schlein must change her party before the party changes her. He called on Schlein to make good on her March 2023 leadership election pledge to root out “tribal chieftains” and “underbosses” in her faction-ridden party. Perhaps the new PD code of conduct will help.

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