Berlusconi and Forza Italia back NAT against Russian invasion says Tajani s

Forza Italia backs NATO against Russian invasion of Ukraine, spokesman says


Forza Italia backs NATO says the party coordinator Antonio Tajani says the party, including its leader Silvio Berlusconi, are firmly behind NATO and against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This during the European People’s Party (EPP) summit ahead of the European Council.

Berlusconi is at the centre of another furore. An audio recording was released in which he told his party’s lawmakers he has re-established ties with his old friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said via the exchange of gifts and “sweet” letters. Berlusconi further suggested Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s actions had forced Moscow’s invasion of its neighbour.

“I’m here to confirm, once again, the position of my party, my personal position and the position of the leader of my party totally in favour of NATO and trans-Atlantic relations, in favour of Europe, and against the unacceptable Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Tajani said.

Berlusconi said he would have delivered the message to the EPP summit himself; but was unable to because of government-formation consultations with President Sergio Mattarella.

“So I delegated (FI) Vice President Antonio Tajani to present my personal position and that of the whole of Forza Italia, which is full and total adhesion to the values of the EU and the Atlantic alliance,” Berlusconi said via Facebook.

Berlusconi and FI back NATO against Russian invasion. Bdderlusconi's Facebook message.

The European People’s Party (EPP) is a European political party with Christian-democratic, conservative, and liberal-conservative member parties.

Tajani previously expected to be Italy’s foreign minister

Tajani had been expected to be named foreign minister in Meloni’s government. However, opposition parties say he should not get this post given what Berlusconi has said about the war in Ukraine.

EPP President Manfred Weber said the group remained behind former European Parliament President Tajani.

“We will support any government that has a clear approach in favour of the EU, in favour of Ukraine and in favour of the rule of law,” Weber said on his way into the meeting. “I’m happy that Antonio Tajani is here. He is the guarantee of FI’s pro-Atlantic position”.

At the EPP summit Weber added: “As possible foreign minister of this government, Antonio Tajani would be a symbol of the continuity of the new Italian government and its pro-Europe stance”.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola echoed those sentiments.  “I’ll meet Tajani,” she said.

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