Meloni visits Bucha in Ukraine and lends Italy's continuing support to Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Meloni tells Ukrainians in Bucha “You’re not alone”


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Bucha in Ukraine on Tuesday. She paid homage to civilians who were massacred there after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was visibly moved as she heard the stories of the atrocities.

After seeing a small exhibition of photos of the horrors of the massacre, Meloni asked her interpreter to translate the message “You are not alone”.

 “You can count on Italy,” Meloni told Ukrainian officials in Bucha. “We have been with you since the start and we will be until the end. You have all our support. We will fight for you and your freedom.”

Meloni visited Bucha’s Orthodox St Andrew’s church and laid a wreath to victims who were buried in a mass grave there. Local officials gave Meloni a medal made out of used bullets. Inscribed on the back was the message “City Not Conquered”. Meloni then headed to Irpin, another city where civilians were murdered following the Russian invasion.

Whilst the Italian government backs Ukraine, comments by Forza Italia leader Berlusconi about Putin and Zelensky have caused ripples,

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