russia hits kyiv children's hospital Image: Alex Babenko/AP

Russian attack on Kyiv children’s hospital blasted by Italian politicians


Premier Giorgia Meloni condemned Russia’s attack on a Kyiv children’s hospital after arriving in Washington overnight for the NATO summit.

“The images of child cancer sufferers on the streets following the bombing of the children’s hospital in Kyiv seem horrible to me,” Meloni said. “When the civilian population is attacked like this, vehemently by targeting children, the signals that arrive are decidedly different from those that some of the Russian propaganda would like to convey,” she added, referring to Moscow’s claims of seeking a peace agreement.

Meloni expressed her hopes for the NATO summit, stating, “My expectation is that NATO, on its 75th anniversary and at a very special moment in history, will send a great message of unity and adaptability to a world that is changing.” She stated Italy is ensuring “necessary attention (is paid) to the Alliance’s southern front, which is currently included in the summit’s conclusions. Support for Ukraine is clearly expected too.”

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also condemned the Russian missile strike on the children’s hospital in Kyiv, which killed two people, calling it a war crime. “I’m taken aback by the images of the bombing on Kyiv which also hit a paediatric hospital,” he said on X. “War crimes which must be condemned by the whole international community. The government will continue to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine and its people.”

Defence Minister criticises Moscow over lack of will for peace

Defence Minister Guido Crosetto criticised Moscow for its lack of will for peace, highlighting the violent and indiscriminate nature of the attack. “Russia’s is a violent and indiscriminate attack devoid of any supposed military logic,” he said on X. “An act against humanity that I hope everyone will condemn, starting with those who believe in Moscow’s phantom ‘will to peace.’ Actions count more than words.”

In his remarks, Crosetto drew a parallel to Palestine, noting the absence of pro-Ukrainian demonstrations and university mobilisation over the years of conflict. “That is why in these years we have tried to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and help its people to protect themselves.”

Italy has provided weapons to Ukraine but stated they can only be used within the country.

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