European elections voting on day 2

European Elections – Polls open for second day of voting


The polling stations reopened at 7am on Sunday. Alongside the European elections, around 3,700 municipalities are voting for mayors, plus there is the renewal of the Piedmont Regional Council. The polls will close at 11pm.

Over 51 million Italians have been called to the polls for the European deadline, over 17 million for the administrative elections and 3.6 million to vote in Piedmont.

The turnout recorded yesterday at 11pm was a very low 14.64% for the European elections. For the regional elections in Piedmont, the turnout was 17.54%, for the municipal elections the figure was 20.63%.

Lethargy for European elections

There has been the worrying shadow of absenteeism over these elections in Italy. With that in mind, the PM, Giorgia Meloni, who has made this a rather personal campaign, asked the Italians to vote.

“To the undecided citizens I would like to say go and vote because Europe deals with their daily lives much more than they believe. To the citizens who are considering the possibility of voting for Brothers of Italy I say that every cross placed on the symbol I will use to bring home results for Italian citizens, we can do it, we need to be strong: I need citizens not to look the other way.”

As Deputy PM Antonio Tajani stated earlier in the week, there has been little talk about how Europe affects the lives of Italians. As a result, many may not feel the need to put a cross in a box.

In the Netherlands, which voted earlier this week, the turnout was over 40%, showing a greater inclination to ensure Europe is working for them.


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