Tajani who says there is not enough discussion of Europe related issues in the current election campaign

Not enough talk of Europe in election campaigns – Tajani


Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said today the election campaign for this week’s Europe Parliament elections did not sufficiently address EU-related issues.

In an interview on Rai television, the Forza Italia (FI) leader Tajani said, “It has been a good electoral campaign. But I would have liked there to have been more talk about Europe. There was always talk about Italian issues, and the citizens don’t exactly know how the mechanism works in Europe.”

Tajani emphasised the need for greater awareness about the role of Italian parties in the EU, stating, “For example, it was necessary to make people aware that Italian parties are not the ones that decide things in Europe. We have 76 MEPs out of 720. The national parties do not decide, and, in Europe, the biggest force is the European People’s Party (EPP), which will decide who is the next president of the commission, the president of Parliament.”

Highlighting the importance of Forza Italia in the European context, he added, “We want to make Italy count for more in Europe, so you must vote for Forza Italia. It’s the most useful vote there can be because we are part of the European People’s Party. That is an indisputable fact, it is not electoral propaganda.”

PM Meloni’s party is part of the Conservatives and Reform party (ECR).

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