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Sparkling year for Italian spumante

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In 2023, Italian spumante will have outsold champagne with an estimated 95million bottles uncorked in Italy during the festive season, compared to around 6million bottles of Champagne.

The year-end festivities mark the peak demand for Italian spumante (sparkling wine), with approximately 95 million corks popped in Italy alone between Christmas and New Year. This is a resounding triumph compared to the 6 million bottles of foreign bubbles, such as champagne.

This estimation comes from Coldiretti. A survey conducted by the Ixe’ Institute calculates nearly 9 out of 10 Italians (89%) insist on raising a toast with a Made in Italy sparkling wine at the close of the year.

Prosecco leads the list of domestic productions, constituting 70% of bottled sparkling wines. Its significant presence has established it as a symbol of Made in Italy globally, notes Coldiretti.

However, a diverse range of national sparkling wines graces festive tables, spanning from Franciacorta to Asti, Trento Doc to small-scale productions scattered across the country.

Coldiretti cites examples like Trebbiano, Verdicchio, Oltrepò all’Alta Langa, Moscato, Falanghina, Grechetto, Malvasia, Grillo, Nero d’Avola, Negroamaro, Durello, Vermentino, and more.

In the period between Christmas and New Year’s, Coldiretti concludes that approximately one-third of the bottles consumed in Italy throughout the entire year are uncorked.

While most countrymen celebrate in their hometowns, almost 6 million Italians have opted for a holiday, showing a strong inclination to stay within Italy. This year, Italy has been chosen as the destination by 75% of holidaymakers, according to Coldiretti/Ixe’.

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